Review Policy

I accept blogger packages and review copies, but you should know that…

  1. I only blog what I like, what I feel suits my style. I don’t write critics. My blog is about pictures I take with my best intention to show the items I’m wearing.  Credits, slurl or Marketplace Stores are listed if available.
  2. If you like what I do and would like me to blog your designs, please contact me through a notecard in world, and please include the LM and any other information I may need. If it fits my style I’d be happy to blog it.
  3. I don’t ask for review copies unless the designers have review groups or they express in their profiles they are willing to get requests.
  4. I don’t do photoshop, pics are shown just as i take them in Second Life, some cropping and ready. I believe this shows as close as possible what the items really look like, the only adjustments I make have to do with different windlight settings.

Thank you very much!!!

Cristina Mistwalker


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